Own An Older Home? Here's How To Protect Your Children From Asbestos

7 May 2015
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If you live in an older home, you know that asbestos might be a threat to you and your family. If you are also a parent, you probably want to do everything that you can to help protect your children from asbestos exposure. Although asbestos can be extremely dangerous, it is entirely possible to live in an older home without putting your family at risk. Follow these tips if you want to keep your children -- as well as the rest of your family -- safe from exposure to this dangerous material.

Encourage Children to Stay Away from Certain Areas

Certain areas of the home are more prone to asbestos than others. For example, in many older homes, asbestos can be found in the attic and in areas around pipe and insulation. Teach your children to stay away from these areas and play in less-prone areas of the home, such as in the bedrooms and regular living areas.

Avoid Doing Your Own Home Renovations

Even if you are a do-it-yourselfer who loves handling your own home renovation and improvement projects, it's generally best to avoid doing so in older homes that might have asbestos present. Asbestos isn't always harmful if it is hidden behind other building materials and isn't exposed to the air, but you could bring asbestos to the surface while tearing out old building materials and making other changes to your home. Building professionals know how to watch for asbestos and will use the proper equipment and methods for protecting themselves and the people in your household.

Stay Safe During Renovations

Even if you do hire professionals to come out and do renovations to your home, it's better to be safe rather than sorry. Consider evacuating your home during the renovation process, and keep children away from any areas that are currently being renovated. It is also a good idea to invest in safety masks for your children if they will be spending any time in your home during this process. You want to keep your children's lungs safe from serious illnesses like mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, and so on.

Have Your Home Tested

If you have never had your home tested for asbestos before, or if you have had changes made to your home since the test was conducted, it's always a smart idea to talk with an asbestos abatement team, like Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc, and possibly get a second opinion. 

Keeping your little ones safe from asbestos is probably a top priority. Luckily, following these tips can help you keep your little ones safe, even if you do live in an older home that could house asbestos.